Solar FAQs

Your Questions… Answered!

So you still have some questions about switching to solar. Our solar FAQ page is here to answer many of them, but if you still have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. One of our experienced energy consultants will be happy to help you.

Residential Solar Systems

  • Will solar panels work on my type of roof?

    Solar panels can be safely installed on many types of roofs. We always send solar specialists out to verify the condition and type of roof to ensure the solar system can be safely installed and work efficiently on your home before installing the system.

  • How much will solar save* me if I put it on my house?

    Solar financing saves* the average homeowner between 15-25% and has the advantage of providing immediate savings* with no initial investment.

Solar Installation

  • How long does it take to install a solar power system on my house?

    Depending on where you live, the average can range between 30-60 days. The reason for this is that different cities and counties have unique permitting processes and regulations. The good news is that we take care of every single step and conveniently coordinate the entire process for you!

Monitoring & Maintenance

  • What if my system isn’t working properly?

    If you have a solar PPA we take care of any maintenance or repair issues. We continually monitor the performance of the system, and we service and maintain the system at no cost to you for the entire length of the agreement. If there are any problems caused by normal wear and tear with the system, we repair or replace it at our expense.

  • How long is a power purchase agreement and can I buy the system if I want?

    Most of our current zero down power purchase agreements are for a term of 20-25 years. This may sound like a long time, but just remember – if you’re currently buying power from the utility company, you’re already involved in a lifetime contract with them!

  • Does my solar power system work if the power goes out?

    Most installations are tied to the grid. Unless you are off-grid or have a battery storage system, your solar power system will also be inoperable if the power goes out.

Power Purchase Agreements

  • How does the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) work?

    The PPA offers a fully warrantied, maintenance free, solar electric system with a performance guarantee. With a PPA you pay per kilowatt hour (kWh) at a rate lower than what you would pay the utility.

  • What happens at the end of my PPA agreement?

    At the end of your PPA agreement you have a few different options:

    • You can purchase the system
    • Extend your solar agreement for additional years
    • Have the system removed
  • How does billing work?

    After going solar you will receive two separate electric bills – one from us, and one from your utility company. We will send you an invoice each month for your solar bill, and any power you consume past what your solar panels produce will be bought from the utility company just as it was before.  We make it easy so you never need to worry about sending in a payment, thanks to our automatic bill pay options.

  • Who owns the solar power system on my house?

    If you are in a PPA agreement, which is now the most common method of converting to solar, then LE Solar owns the system. We own and operate the infrastructure and you purchase a portion of your energy from us at a reduced rate. The difference is that you now have more control because the rate is locked in for the duration of the agreement. In addition, it is our responsibility to maintain and monitor the system for you.

  • What happens if I sell my house at some point?

    Solar leases and PPA’s now account for over 50% of all solar installations nationwide and have become a very common part of escrow closing transactions. Homeowners simply need to be sure to inform your escrow agent about your solar lease or PPA program as early as possible.

    You have a couple options. You can transfer the agreement to the new homeowners and they will pick up where you left off. Another option you have is to prepay or buy the agreement out. We have a property transactions department dedicated to helping you sell your home with solar, and have successfully worked with many buyers, lenders realtors and more to ensure a quick and easy process.

Costs & Billing

  • Why do you need my electric bills to design a solar system for my house?

    Your electric usage gives us the information that we need in order to build a system that is customized to your energy usage patterns. We size your solar system based on how much power you use and we dig deeper to determine if you might need more in the future based on plans that might increase consumption such as installing air conditions or a pool heater. This helps to ensure that we don’t design a system that is too small or too big.

  • Will the solar system change my gas bill or just my electric bill?

    Installing solar will definitely have a positive effect on your electric bill because your panels will generate most of the electricity you need. Solar panels will not affect your gas bill unless you switch from gas to electric appliances.

Solar Plans

LE Solar makes saving money* simple with flexible plans that fit any budget. Get started with a no money down Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).