Monitoring & Maintenance

Your System is Covered by LE Solar

Sure, your solar system looks great and you’re seeing lower electric bills*, but how do you know that the system is actually working? All residential solar systems sold and installed by LE Solar include monitoring and maintenance for the life of the agreement. We install a monitoring system that communicates production information to us, allowing our team to actively monitor the system performance, and remedy any issues.

Solar System Maintenance & Monitoring

Monitoring is included for the life of your agreement with LE Solar. If our monitoring system identifies that your system is not performing as expected, our monitoring analysts troubleshoot the issue. If it is something simple that we can remotely fix, such as a switch being turned off/on or the inverter needing to be reset, we call you and take care of the issue right away. If the problem requires a visit to your home, we send a technician and fix the problem free of charge. Whatever the problem, we will take care of it as part of our worry-free solar maintenance.

Solar System Warranty

When you switch to solar, you need assurances that your system will work, and that if something breaks it will be repaired or replaced. That’s why all systems installed by LE Solar and its partners include a full warranty on the system for term of the PPA contract.

Power Monitoring App

You can access your system production reports by logging into your account to see exactly how much energy your panels are producing. To access your account, login here.

World-Class Customer Experience

LE Solar prides itself on delivering a world-class solar experience for its customers. If you have any questions during the installation process or after, you can contact our dedicated customer care team for personalized assistance.

You can also learn more about solar or search for answers to questions by visiting our Solar FAQs page.



LE Solar makes switching to solar simple by offering plans to fit your needs and budget.

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