Solar Plans

Pay only for the energy you produce

Switching to solar gives you the control to choose how you get your energy so the power is in your hands rather than a utility monopoly. Switching to solar provides rate stability and predictability, lowers utility bills*, and gives you the comfort that you are helping to ensure the health of your planet.

LE Solar offers a simple-to-switch, no-money-down Power Purchasing Agreement (PPA) and you pay only for the energy your system produces.

  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

    LE Solar’s Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) gets your solar system up and running with no money down. You pay only for the energy the system produces, start saving* immediately and lock in a predictable rate for the long term. Installation, monitoring and maintenance are included for the life of the agreement.

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Find out how much you could save* by switching to solar

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*Savings will vary based upon local utility rates, which are subject to change and cannot be accurately predicted, and your usage.


  • FAQs

    If you’re thinking about switching to solar, you likely have lots of questions about how it works, what it costs and how much you can save*. We answer them here.

  • Solar System Cost

    The cost of solar for your home will vary depending on system size, your energy usage patterns, and roof. See the true costs and how you can add a solar system with no money down.

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  • Environmental Benefits

    Every hour, the sun beams enough energy to meet earth’s energy needs for a full year. Imagine the possibilities. Learn how solar is becoming the driving force in a clean energy future.